As a business owner, you’ve got to focus on your top 5 percent. That means, you can’t look at all the things you have to do in a day to run a successful business and expect to be an expert at all of it. I recently read that 9 percent of business owners don’t have a website because it’s too complex. They don’t want to build or manage their sites because they just don’t quite understand how to do it correctly. Another 16 percent of people just don’t have the time to build or run their own websites.

I get that. If it’s not in your zone of genius, you aren’t going to do it efficiently. There are lots of things outside of my zone of genius. I don’t diagnose my kids when they have the flu (though a mother’s intuition probably could sometimes…); I don’t write important contracts and review them with my personal legal expertise; and I definitely don’t self-insure my business or determine my own insurance needs based off my own knowledge. It’s OK to not be great at everything. In fact, it’s healthy.

Just because your zone of genius may not be in websites or marketing, doesn’t mean your business has to suffer though. Here at 360 Media, we specifically focus on clients like you. We want to make sure your life is easy and your marketing looks amazing. Our done-for-you website program means that not only do we build your website with a strategy that makes sense for your business, but we maintain it for you as well. With our program, you don’t have to worry about updating plugins, security or even renewing a domain. We have the ability to do it all for you.

Do you have online retail or e-commerce? No need to worry about updating your items to ensure you’ve always got your sales up-to-date. Just send us a quick email, and we’ll have it updated in no time.

Have you heard of this Bermuda triangle of search engine optimization? Not sure how to rank on Google? No problem. We have packages for that too.

Social Media got your frustrated? Who has time to post every single day (even on your days off – if you have those)? The answer … we do!

The bottom line: We’ve got your digital and social media marketing needs covered with our fantastic done-for-you service. Our job is to give you a great website, marketing that works, and to make your life easier!