Social Media is easy, right? I’ll post a picture, share a quote, add a link to an article I’ve partially read….and done! I’ve got a successful social media profile. Right?

Not so fast.

Here’s the thing, having social media is only as good as your ability to engage with someone. There are a few rules you really need to follow if you’re hoping to be successful at social media.

  1.  You need to post consistently. If social media is something you want to do because you know it’s good for your business, you need to do it more than once per week. Facebook has some tricky algorithms that make it nearly impossible for your posts to be seen if you’re inconsistently posting.
  2.     You need to post engaging content. This can be challenging, because you have to know what your audience is looking for. Do they want to know more about your product? Do they want to be inspired, educated or made to laugh? You’re basically expected to figure out what this fictional person wants, and post things that inspire them to take an action such as liking or commenting on your post. Hint: If you’re consistently posting a sale or an item you’re featuring that’s for sale….you’re not building the engaging content social media will require to ensure your posts are seen.
  3.     You need to know your audience. Every product and service is different. Your audience is gender-specific, age-specific, economically specific and otherwise, so you have to find that perfect “avatar” of a client and gear your posts toward that person. If you don’t know who that avatar is, that’s step one. Step two is knowing how to engage that particular age group. You should also be studying your insights to see who is currently engaging with your posts as this can give you a good indication of who your audience is.
  4.     You need to have a sales funnel. Social media itself has the ability to drive sales and even to make sales. But for most businesses, social media is simply a gateway to a great website and an eventual sale. Most generational targets will determine your sales funnel, and sometimes the product alone will determine it. If you’re selling a great pair of shoes, you may be able to sell that online. But if you’re selling a four-year education at a university, it’s going to be a bit more complicated.

  5.     You need to stay up on the latest news. Social media is constantly changing. If you’re hoping to immerse yourself in how to use a particular platform, and you’ve got a week to dive in, that’s perfect! Except in a few months, set aside another week…and then another. Social media platforms are consistently changing the way they display posts on a feed, the way they determine something is “quality content,” and the way they allow you to sell.
  6.     Finally, you need to have people who follow you and care about your product or service. A few months back, a magic number was released. Everyone was talking about getting 2,500 “likes” on their Facebook profile so their posts would be optimized. So, business owners were asking each other for likes. Note: These were business-to-consumer sales platforms, not business-to-business. People were asking family members, friends and even the dog to like their page even though these weren’t the target audience for the business. The result was Facebook seeing the “like” and “like back” method and essentially revoking “likes” and banning users. Your goal is to find people organically or through genuine “like campaigns.” Don’t jump on the bandwagon and build an audience that won’t buy from you. Slow and steady wins the race. The tortoise sold his products through social media. The hare got his “likes” revoked and got put in Facebook jail for three days.

If you’re looking at the six tips above, and you’re ready for the challenge, you’ve got this. If you’re looking at it rolling your eyes because effective social media management is impossible when you’ve got a business to run, we get that too! In fact, we get that even more. Lucky for you, 360 Media has options. Our professional social media marketing team will study your page, develop a solid strategy and manage your social content giving you the freedom to run your business. If that’s something you’re interested in, reach out for a quote, and we’ll be happy to build a plan that meets your needs!