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  • We often get requests to design a certain layout of website, but we love to be creative! In this box, let us know design concepts, colors, shapes, etc that you would like to see in your design. We also encourage you to think if you would like a darker feeling site or a brighter feeling site. Sky's the limit - let your thoughts flow!
  • Note: You will receive a Google Folder link upon submission of this form. You can also create a Google Doc within that folder that contains this information. REMEMBER - we cannot begin until we have all information!
  • If you are a cheer client, this would be your "New Member Special" if you have one.
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  • Additional Services 360 Media Offers

    Your contract includes all things website, BUT our services don't stop there! As a 360 client, you receive discounts on additional services provided by 360 Media.

    Email Marketing: 360 Media is a partner with ActiveCampaign, one of the leading email marketing services within the US. As a partner, we are able to offer 10% discounts for any service with them to include renewals, upgrades, and new accounts. 360 Media also offers email marketing packages at an additional cost.

    Graphic Design: We offer a variety of graphic design packages throughout the year to our clients but we always are up for a project that is specific to your needs! Just reach out to request a quote.